How do I set up a PayPal account?

Click on this link to set up a Personal PayPal account. You will go through steps that will allow you to link a bank account and/or credit card to your PayPal account to make purchases. Your PayPal account will be associated with your email address and that is what you will use when registering on

Once your basic PayPal account is set up, go through the following quick steps to ensure smooth transactions on

1) Confirm your PayPal account

If you have used your PayPal account before, then this is not an issue for you and you can skip to 2). When you first create a PayPal account, an email is sent from PayPal to your email address to confirm that you created an account. It contains a link that you must click to confirm your account.

2) Verify your PayPal account

This is easily done by adding a bank account to your PayPal account. PayPal will then make two small deposits into your account within a couple days. You then look in your bank account for the deposit amounts and then enter them in the appropriate places while logged into your PayPal account. Then PRESTO, your bank account is verified! Under the "My Account" tab->click on "Profile"->click on "Add or edit Bank Account". From there you can choose to verify the account.

3) Confirm your address

Some sellers choose to only work with buyers who have confirmed shipping addresses. PayPal requires that the buyer's address be confirmed if the seller wants PayPal to solve a transaction dispute. The easiest way to confirm your address is to add a credit card to your account that has the same billing address as the address in your PayPal account. Under the "My Account" tab->click on "Profile"->click on "Add or edit Credit Card"

4) Remove restrictions on your account

As long as you have a bank or credit card account attached to your PayPal account, the only other restrictions you can have are self imposed. To see what restrictions you currently have, follow these steps: Under the "My Account" tab-> click on "Profile"->click on "More Options"-> then under the "Selling Preferences" column click on "Payment Receiving Preferences". It is your choice what type of payments to receive. We suggest you choose "No" for the question "Block Payments for the items not sold on eBay from U.S. users who do not provide a confirmed address".

You can always contact if you take these actions and you continue to have a problem.

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Are items listed in an auction format or can I set the selling price?

All prices on are set by the seller and there are no auctions. With this setup, sellers can receive what they want for each item listed. Buyers and sellers are able to communicate via the site so that they can negotiate an agreeable purchase price. MySkatingMall has the ability to offer auctions at a later date if users request that feature.

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Do I have to pay in order to use the site?

Registering as an individual user on is completely free. The only cost to purchase items on the site is the purchase price (including shipping). For every item sold, there is a 10% commission on the purchase price and shipping deducted by MySkatingMall. Half of that commission is forwarded on to the skating club or team of the buyer and seller. The 10% commission is less than other popular listing/auction sites. The commission is charged on the shipping as an anti-fraud measure. Otherwise, users could list a low price and a high shipping fee. This is not only deceptive to the buyer but is not fair to the site and beneficiaries.

There is a $1 per item per year listing fee for all items on You will receive an email invoice several weeks before each item is set to expire so that the $1 fee can again be paid to extend the listing for another year. This ensures that our users never have to pay monthly listing fees like other popular listing/auction sites.

Listing upgrades such as being featured on the front page, appearing first in each category list, receiving better placement, and bold titling can be purchased for additional costs. The prices for these benefits are listing on our Pricing Page .

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What is the difference between an individual user and a Partner Store?

Individual user accounts are meant for skaters and parents who are primarily listing gently used items. Individual users can also sell new items at any time but not as a business.

Partner Stores are intended for commercial skating businesses. Most of those businesses sell primarily new items.Businesses with websites are able to link their site to and receive customers from our site. Businesses without websites can create Storefronts on MySkatingMall. For the costs associated with these two options, please read our FAQ "What are the costs to be a MySkatingMall Partner Store?".

Partner Stores are more visible than individual sellers and there is no fee for Partner Store listings. Businesses can apply to be a Partner Store by clicking on this link: Partner Store Registration

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If I have more than one of the same item to sell, am I charged the $1 listing fee for each one? does not currently offer listings to sell more than one of a particular item. To sell a second copy of your item, simply renew your listing once the original listing has been sold. This is done by logging into your account, clicking on "my closed listings" in the left hand column, and then clicking on the renew button next to the item you wish to restart. $1 will be charged each time you create a new listing.

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How does my skating club or team receive the 5% to 90% funding?

Clubs and teams need to register at and be verified before receiving funding. To complete the registration, each skating group needs to set up a free Paypal account at Skating groups instantly receive funding for purchases by their members made directly on For member purchases on Partner Store websites, funds arrive in the club or team's PayPal account when the Partner Store pays its monthly invoice.

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Do items on ship internationally? is an international site and most items can be shipped anywhere in the world. Each item listing includes the text, "International shipping? Yes, contact seller for shipping costs" if the seller provides the option to ship internationally.

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I do not live in the United States. How do I know how much to list my items for in U.S. dollars? How do I estimate how much a purchase in U.S. dollars will cost me in my home currency?

There is a link to a currency exchange estimator next to the price on all listings on The same link is also provided on the forms where listings are created. By using the estimator, you can accurately price your items in U.S. dollars.

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So what happens when I sell an item?

When your item sells, you will receive an email from with the subject line "Your Listing Has Been Purchased". Be sure to add "" to your address book so the email will not end up in your junk mail folder. This email includes the buyer's address and contact information.

If you do not receive an email notification from PayPal within 48 hours that the buyer has completed payment, instruct the buyer to log into, click on the "my purchases" link at the bottom left portion of the page (the buyer may have to scroll down to see it), then click on the yellow PayPal button next to the title of the item purchased, and complete all of PayPal's steps until the "Your payment has been sent" screen.

Please do not accept direct payment from the buyer or send the buyer a money request through PayPal. These actions avoid the MySkatingMall system and the site and charities would not receive the commissions due.

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What if the buyer lives in another country?

Simply contact the buyer through her or his email provided in the "Your listing has been purchased" email and request additional shipping funds to be sent through PayPal.

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What is the easiest way to ship items?

Shipping labels can be printed and paid for directly from your PayPal account. This feature is an incredible time saver! Go to and then log in using your PayPal username and password. Your account overview page comes up automatically. Find the name of the buyer of your MySkatingMall listing. To the right of the name you will see a button labeled "Print Shipping Label". Click on that button and you will be walked through the process of choosing the shipping company, paying for the postage, and printing the shipping label. You can also arrange for a package pick up or drop off the item yourself to the shipping company. suggests that you always use shipping that allows tracking of the package. This is necessary to prove the delivery date if a problem arises.

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What is the return policy on

Return policies are up to the individual sellers and are clearly written on each listing. The policies range from no returns to 30 days after receiving the item to contact the seller. Each Partner Store also has its own return policy so be sure to verify what it is before purchasing an item.

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Can I leave feedback about my experience with the buyer/seller?

Yes. After every transaction, both the buyer and seller are asked to leave feedback about the other person involved in the transaction. This helps our community run better by making it obvious if there are individuals who are not fulfilling their obligations. To leave feedback, log into your account. On the first page it should say, "Listings with open feedback" and then it lists the items. After each item name is a "Leave Feedback" box that you can click and leave feedback about the quality of your experience.

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Can I lower my listing price after negotiating with a buyer?

Yes, you can change listing prices and any other details at any time through your "My Account" settings. We suggest you coordinate with the buyer so that he or she can purchase the item as soon as you lower the price. Otherwise, another buyer may beat them to it!

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I had problems with PayPal and I could not pay at the time of purchase. Now what do I do?

1) Log into your account.
2)Click on the "my purchases" link located at the bottom left portion of the page. You may need to scroll down your screen in order to see it.
3) The item(s) you have purchased will then be listed in the middle of the screen. Click on the yellow PayPal button next to the title of each item to complete payment through PayPal.
4)Complete all of PayPal's steps until you reach the "Your payment has been sent" screen.

Please do not send the seller money directly or pay a money request from the seller through PayPal. These actions avoid the system which denies the site and charities the commissions due from the sale.

Make sure to read our other Frequently Asked Question "How do I set up my PayPal account correctly?" if you are having trouble making payments through PayPal. If that does not answer your question, send an email to and we will assist you.

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I never received payment for the item I sold. Can I sell it to someone else?

If you have not received payment in a satisfactory time period, you can choose to relist your item so that another buyer can purchase it.

To relist an item, log into your account. Near the top of the left hand column click on "my closed listings". Your item will be listed in the middle of the screen. Click on the "Renew" button next to the item title.

If you are in contact with the original buyer, please do not accept money directly or send the buyer a money request through PayPal. These actions avoid the system which denies the site and charities the commissions due from the sale.

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